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The Russian civil war famously had the Reds (communists) and Whites (monarchists), but also the Blacks (anarchists) and the Greens (peasant armies). The Reds used the Greens and Blacks to fight the Whites and then backstabbed them to win, notably in Ukraine where they were the biggest factions.

Pretty much everyone would massacre the jews, and there were hundreds of pogroms.

At one point, a White general converted to a militant sect of Buddism and led an army of mounted Mongols who captured Ulaan Battar (capital of Mongolia).


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As Cathy turned from her locker, in a hurry to get to fourth period and binders clutched tight to her chest, she ran straight into something solid and immovable, yet warm. She fell back, papers scattering and landing flat on her ass. As she adjusted her thick glasses, she saw a tall, athletic boy she didn't recognize in a school jersey.

"Oh, I am so sorry," he said with an apologetic grin, offering her a strong hand up. "I'm Mark." Mark started to help gather up the notes that were being scattered underfoot by rushing students, stopping as he picked up a novel.

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Hey, that's my favourite book! You're in for a treat." He exclaims as he hands it back. By this point, the corridor is empty, the bell already ringing for class.

As Cathy reached over, her hand brushed Mark's, and he held onto it for a second while their eyes met. His bright blue eyes shone out from below a fringe of tousled brown hair.

"I'm Cathy," she told him coldly. "And I'm rereading it actually. Not all of us are popular enough to spend our afternoons playing basketball."

"Heyy, low blow! I just do it to keep my dad happy and maybe get a bit of tuition money. Secretly? I'm a big nerd too! You know, the cheerleading team lost a couple members to the all-girls school, you should try out! You would be great!" Mark tells her easily.

"Yeah, right, like I would spend my days obsessing over my looks and skip every breakfast until I pass out," Cathy retorted. "Not all of us WANT to be popular, preppy, pretty poster barbies."

"You sound like you rehearsed that," Mark said with a hint of reproach. "And they're not like that. Those guys are my friends, they're real people, and you're basing you assumptions off a movie trope. Cheerleading is a physically demanding sport! They've actually banned tons of routines because of how dangerous they are! You can say no without being insulting."

Cathy muttered out an embarrassed apology and then rushed to class, slipping in as the teacher had her back turned, writing on the black board. As she slid into her seat, her best friend Allison leaned over and whispered "Did I see you talking with Mark Toni? He just transferred to our school last week, and ALL the girls are talking about him. His dad is stupid rich, and he's the best centre point guard in the state."

"Yeah, well, he's an arrogant jerk," Cathy huffed.

"Omigod, you totally like him!" Allison squealed.

"Do not," Cathy insisted, staring straight ahead.

"Okay," the teacher announced. "Can anyone tell me what the solar system is?"

Before anyone could answer, the bell rang, and people started to gather their things. The teacher raised her voice over the noise. "Your homework for tonight is to write a four page essay about what the solar system means to you!"

Allison and Cathy rushed over to the school library, settling in the bean bag chairs in the back. Mark rounded the corner, nose in a book, and flopped down in the one across from them without looking up while the two girls exchanged a glance. After a moment, the boy looked up from his book.

"Oh! Hi Cathy! Talking to you made me realize how much I missed this," he said, holding up the school's copy if Percy Jackson and the Olympians. "I'm just at the part that Annabeth is introduced, she's my favourite character!"

"Wait, ANNABETH is your favourite character?"

"Well, in the first book. I like Nico, Bianca, Piper later on..."

"But she's such a Mary Sue! She's just a know it all that can save the day because she's a girl. Percy is the main character, and he's actually humble and relatable. He just has to be written as an idiot whenever Annabeth is around so that she can save him!"

"Wait, you're saying Annabeth is a Mary Sue? Percy literally defeats the god of war in single combat when he's 12, with like a week of training. You just sound like a pick-me girl. Annabeth is a well-written and consistent character!"

"I am NOT a pick-me, I just don't agree with the radical feminists saying that women are always better than men!"

"Now you're just putting words in my mouth, but I realize it would be a waste of time to continue this conversation." Instead, Mark turned his dazzling smile and warm eyes to Allison.

"Sorry about that, didn't mean to ignore you. My name is Mark..."