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> He had reported his find to the intermunicipal organization Archeology West Friesland, where he also works. The pieces were then taken to the National Museum of Antiquities, where they were cleaned, preserved and examined.

I thought it was just a hobbyist at first. In most countries, are you allowed to keep or sell rare artifacts you find? Or do they just automatically belong to the state or something?


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It won’t. I don’t know many tattooers that would advise a white tattoo. They rarely look good and they never age well.

However, if you want a tattoo but don’t really want any details to be visible for whatever reason then to each their own I guess.


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It seems you missed the entire point of that video, or did you just read the title? I was a teenager in the UK/Holland while dubstep took off, and moved to the US when the scene went international. The elitism is dumb. I understand the frustration when your scene appears bastardized by mainstream, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the music. Not to mention the fact even if you hate that brostep era, the dude had contributed to a ton of other projects that has nothing to do with it.

Edit: I also can’t imagine valuing my own taste over those of the likes of Four Tet and Noisia, who have collaborated with Skrillex on releases.