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A bunch of 1mm tall dudes in hard hats and yellow safety gear, running around driving little miniature forklifts carrying pallets of electricity, and when I peel back the sides of the battery they all start yelling at me in thick bronx accents, threatening to get the union reps involved?


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I remember watching Romeo + Juliet and being impressed by how they seem to stick to the original wording it yet made it feel modern and very easy to follow. The word play struck me as quite clever and I didn’t have much trouble “getting it”

That said I never really bothered to figure out how close to the original text they stuck and what liberties they took with it.


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Oh great, I’m glad if I can contribute something helpful to the conversation! I think like a lot of things this topic is kind of gray area. In my experience, where it’s been OK, was when it was kind of a personal decision between two individuals who had a reason to want to share it, and hopefully know each other well enough to think they can probably handle the answer.

But you never really know, it might turn out to be a bad decision. I’ve certainly shared this info with close colleagues before, and sometimes it was useful. Sometimes it was asked and answered in light of upcoming salary negotiations, between two work buddies. But I’ve also seen that very same thing lead to really bad work conditions, with, like, constant bad vibes and sniping and factions and shit.

So, it’s not very common, you know? People just kind of shy away from it. And I don’t think that’s all because of some propaganda campaign by the bosses.


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It’s a human nature thing. Every time she looks at this guy, she’s going to think about that $20,000. It’s going to be awkward. I mean maybe not, you never know! Maybe she’ll take this as a learning moment and realize she should stop being late and put in more effort, look up to big bonus guy as a role model, it could happen. But odds are, awkward, at a minimum. Could get worse too, I’ve seen it happen.

People get jealous. It’s human nature. In an ideal world, sure, everyone would instantly unionize the minute they found out Sheryl at the register was getting two dollars an hour more than them. But that’s not what’s going to happen. It’s just going to make things weird now between you and Sheryl, who you used to like.


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I didn’t tell anyone they couldn’t share salaries, and at the time I would’ve felt exactly the same as you. I still do I guess, I certainly wouldn’t forbid someone from doing it.

But the drama involved one person quitting, trying to steal my business plan and customers, and failing after discovering all the things I brought to the equation that he simply didn’t have and couldn’t come up with. God that guy was a bitter, self centered asshole. They took another employee with them, who definitely didn’t get paid that good salary I offered for the next 10 years, unlike the four who stayed. But on top of those real world consequences, there was just a lot of venom and drama and bad vibes about it all between the various employees, when there was absolutely no call for it. Lasted like a year and a half, and the job went from super pleasant and fun to being kind of a pain in the ass for everyone that whole time.

Like, for an example- imagine if the colleague in OPs story above took it extra personal, and started sabotaging OP every chance she could. Now multiply that by everybody in the company knowing everybody else’s salary.

Again, I personally would never try to force someone who worked for me to not share this information. But doing so has consequences, and not just to the boss, but also to the people who share. I think it’s just a human nature thing to be honest, and that’s why it’s a bit of a tradition to keep your mouth shut about this stuff.


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I was, in fact, a boss for about 14 years. Ran my own business, started with six employees, had 30 at the height of things, and ended with 10, most of them the same ones I started with. And yes, I went through a bunch of drama with this “people know each other’s salaries“ thing. There was nothing wrong with anybody’s salary, everyone was very well paid, well above average. The problem was that everybody’s salary wasn’t literally exactly the same. People got bent out of shape about it, even though everybody was getting a perfectly good salary, and the reasons for the differences in salary were totally fair and reasonable, basically being based around who had been working with me the longest, building things up from the beginning, and who were the new guys walking into a steady job with a steady salary.

It caused a lot of drama, and this post kind of reminded me of it. You can dismiss what I’m saying, but read the post.


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You just read one. Chances are the two people in this post will never comfortably work together again. Every interaction they have from now on will be charged with this knowledge of the gap in payment levels.

Also note, he does give some valid reasons why the colleague is getting less money than him. I’m sure she doesn’t see it that way, but maybe everybody else in the room does.


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On the other hand, OP clearly feels like it’s a fuck up on his part, and the truth is his working relationship with this colleague will never again be comfortable.

If you’re wondering why they tell you not to tell your coworkers what you make, you are now reading one example of why they say that.


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I don’t think you get it. That’s part of the song. Part of the vibe. The singer/lyricist is well aware of the irony, the bitterness, the contradiction.

That said, apparently there are at least three different people it could be about, and maybe it’s not about any of them. But they would all likely think it is.

It probably is though. i’m pretty sure the lyric is meant to be ironic.


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Is it me or is that verse just kind of standard mumble rap lyrics? They often seem kinda low effort, I figured that was just part of the style. Like punk rock guitarists not being good enough to play a solo, but that’s just part of the overall vibe they are going for.


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It’s practicing hunting for seals beneath the ice. If this were a nature program, we would now be watching baby polar bears covered in blood, playing around in the carcass of a dead seal.