TheBewitchingWitch t1_j14djyx wrote

It absolutely needs a fine & laws as well as enforcement. If it were, maybe situations like this could be avoided. My husband and I don’t drive in snow, at all. Two years ago his job said if you don’t come in you are fired. My son also works at the same place. This is a man who does not call out and arranges days off with PTO months ahead of time. They ended up getting stuck on the I-5 for 8 hours with several other people, including his boss. We keep an emergency kit in the car. Blankets, water, food, hand warmers and candles. Neither one got fired. They do both work at different shops now after that incident. I have seen Mount Jimeny in MA state require employees to come to work even when their governor declares a state of emergency declaring no one on the road. The do not provide their employees accommodations if the get stuck on the mountain. It’s a $1000 fine there. Laws like this could protect more then just your average driver!


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I’m originally from NJ. We get a lot less snow here. The cold is just cold, it’s not a wet cold. It also does not get as cold. They day I moved from NJ it was negative 26 degrees in the middle of March. It was in the low 50’s in WA 8 days later when I arrived. Fall is nice. I only have had to put my heat on once so far. It’s usually pretty wet too.


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We have a wood stove. We get a cord of two of wood each winter. We use an oil space heater in our bedroom. Our bill runs around $180-$200. I’m home all the time, as I also work from home. I would jump on one of these suggestions because PSE said rates are going up.