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They also make hands down the most durable dog chew toys I've ever found.

My dog, who destroys quite literally everything, treasures a thick Tonka tire chew toy she's had for years. It's pretty fucked up at this point, but given every other toy has an average lifespan of a week or less, it's endurance is extraordinary


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I think it's a different fallacy but not one I know the name of.

In essence it's a count problem. Georgia had a bunch of smaller banks and this is only counting the bank entity, not the size of the bank itself.

If you changed the chart to show magnitude based on total $s of banks that busted by state, you might see a different result


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Not Deloitte, but used to work for a big company that was as zealous about their logo / stylebook.

I once had the audacity to make a totally internal-only powerpoint where I had a little stick figure guy with the company's logo for a head, just a fun little anthropormophization to make dry material a little more interesting.

One of the marketing execs was in the room. i swear you would have thought I sacrificed a puppy during that meeting, for how outraged and even revolted they were by that.


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Surprisingly untrue actually.

There is evidence of corruption in many social and eusocial species, many of which predate us in the evolutionary scale.

Ants and bees can exhibit corruption. Bees are supposed to mate only with a queen, but in species with other females, mating will occur outside royal lineage, creating shadow competition in the hive


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Only asking because another individual I know is in a similar bot - have they checked vitamim D levels? Very low vitamin D levels can cause poor calcium absorption and bone densities.