TheCaptNoname t1_j8vtlre wrote

"Attention, big fluffy wolf-people!
You are falling under the jurisdiction of the Terrans' Reassuring, Endearing and Affectionate Troops (T.R.E.A.T.)
Your friendship is imminent. Any resistance will be suppressed by the means of tight hugs, belly rubs and ear scritches.
As we are currently speaking, the T.R.E.A.T. transport ships are entering the atmosphere and will land in close vicinity to your amusement parks, camping sites and other places of recreation.
I repeat, do NOT resist your befriending, otherwise you might fall victims to our H.O.R.N.I. (Highly Obnoxious Reproductive Needs Individual) contingent, whom we are barely containing.
Let us boop your snoot and mush those beans for your own safety and gratification.
This was Alagriel Vidnich of Outer World Observatories.
See you on the surface.