TheDeadWriter t1_ixv3eyo wrote

This archive makes me wistful my transparent orange Handspring Visor, long since donated. (Yet for some reason I keep coming across replacement styluses. I'd load up the storage Springboard with games like Ultima 3, Bejeweled and what ever Chip's Challenge or Pengu clone I had.

There are still Alpha Smart Dana (Palm OS based) users that are both going to love finding these apps easily available and hate learning that this archive exists, as most use them as dedicated word processing devices that are "distraction free"- not so distraction free now!


TheDeadWriter t1_it1553d wrote

That is a solid representation that evokes the mid 70s. Seriously awesome. The light blue/cyan makes it modern, at least for me, and all the better than choosing light beige, or some shade of avacodo. (We just moved into a place built in the early 70s with a giant avocado tub and built in counters in yellow linoleum and a bar with brown laminate counters.