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I used to live in Louisiana. The best king cake I’ve had since moving to Boston was overnighted from New Orleans.


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If memory serves they were closed for a while. They sold a bunch of their rolling stock off (they were original Maine narrow-gauge cars and engines, some of which are now with historical preservation/recreation museums in Maine) and went in hard on Thomas the Tank Engine when that was actually a popular brand.

The writing was on the wall for the Thomas stuff. I’d bet monetizing unused land is a decision to help them raise capital to rebuild as a non-Thomas park.


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They’ll have more of a clue than us!

But also I wouldn’t ever call them, the last couple times I’ve had to collect I did it all online. Never spoke to a single person.


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Two thoughts:

  1. you say you re-activated your benefits, not applied for new ones. As far ask I know that would just restart the benefits you were already approved for.

  2. You may not have had enough earnings as an employee in the past year to qualify for new benefits.

Either way, asking here isn’t going to help, call the UA office.


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The rate is based on where the car is “housed” because that’s where they assume you’ll be doing the majority of the driving and parking.

If they figure out that you’re housing it somewhere else, they can deny any payout because you’re committing fraud. Same if they figure out that you’re driving it frequently and aren’t on the policy.