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i would feel awkward in the interim, but i would pay what i could now, and come back with the rest later. happened just the other day at the pot store. i came up $2 short and the guy was like “don’t worry about it” and proceeded to take it out of his tip jar. i died a little inside but he was really cool about it. a week later i came back in and gave him the $2 and tipped some extra on top of that for the kindness. he really appreciated it. i think that would have been completely acceptable here, too


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i would think that they wouldn’t want to be bothered by the police, though. i assume driving around like this is going to attract unwanted attention more than just having a plate on there. but perhaps i’m just a confused pleb and they have it all figured out


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i know. as much as it might not seem that way, i’m actually a reasonable person.

stuff like this only riles me up because my brain immediately jumps (perhaps a bit irrationally) to the scenario where i get into a hit and run and it just so happens to be with the guy with no license plate. or i get hit walking in the street. i know that’s a lot to project on to every driver out there who for whatever reason doesn’t have a plate but i’m not perfect, we all have our thing. this is my little battle to fight. i’m well aware i’m in the minority


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also yeah i was responding to your comment at lunch but i typed out a craaaazy rambling post and at the end i was like ??? why did i just do that so i just discarded the draft and went back to eating and then i never followed up.. i’m glad that two people provided context; one for the general and one for the specific


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follow up from my post the other day that you all loved…..

based on the responses to that post, i assume most of you will think there’s nothing wrong with this? i’ll be curious to see which direction this one goes!


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while that may be true for your neighbor specifically, it is also the general rule. natural ice cans and fireball nips are the two pieces of litter that i consistently see on the side of the road while i'm biking. the (not so) funny thing? i live in south portland and i do most of my biking in cape elizabeth. so, we're not just talking about out in the mountains or the county. it's a statewide plague