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That's seems like an extremely reductive response to what I said. Is there a current explanation for the ability of stone age peoples to move megalithic stones in such precise manner? Literally my only claim is that the lack of explanation for this indicates that there are aspects of our history that is either misunderstood, misrepresented, or not understood at all.

Yes, I know, rolling logs, walking the heads, there's theoretical or more solid explanations for much of it! But to act like I'm some brain dead pop culture idiot for wondering how people who supposedly barely had use of tools lifted stones weighing many many tons into precise shapes seems weird to me.


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So I'm not a plasma scarring.. guy or whatever that fella is, but there's absolutely megalithic structures remaining all over the world with zero explanation as to how they got there with varieties of dating methods putting a lot of doubt into how stone age peoples would have made them edit: anyone want to actually tell me why I'm wrong