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Lemme ask you this - how does every other homeowner in Hartford get HVAC work/service done? Or any other trade, for that matter?

I hope for your sake that this isn't a case of you burning enough HVAC contractors that word got around. It's a small industry, everyone talks to everyone else, and they tend to have long memories.


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Not trying to be a dick, but you're an "investor and property manager" and can't find an HVAC company willing to work with you?

My commercial HVAC guy would have the Seal Team 6 of installers at my house in an hour if I called in a favor, and I'm not anywhere close to their biggest customer, nor am I working on the scale you are.

Don't wanna make assumptions but something smells off.


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I grew up in NB and also lived there (rented) as an adult. I live in a neighboring town and frequent NB businesses by choice/preference.

NB as a town has been slowly improving and continues to improve, but in my experience, the rent ceiling will be low in relation to neighboring towns. I won't comment on specific rents as my info would be a little out of date, but historically, you can get a lot of bang for your buck (as a renter).

Schools are dismal, mostly NBHS, but the lower schools aren't great either.

East Street/North Street areas are bad. Downtown has some shenanigans but has been steadily improving. The CCSU area and the West End are the nicer parts of town.

Restaurants and a couple of breweries bring in a lot of outside visitors. There is a vibrant Polish district with a ton of grocery stores and services for the Polish-American community. There are also some really good Puerto Rican restaurants as well as a couple of Middle Eastern joints in addition to the usual staples.

CCSU area is great for an income-generating property (college students), but the barrier to entry will be tougher than elsewhere in town.

My advice would be to spend some time and money in town and see for yourself.


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I worked in close proximity to native black bears for years and have plenty of photos and videos of bears within spitting distance or less. Even the most grizzled, battle-scarred boar I've ever stumbled upon never even so much as gave me reason to pause. They are to be respected, but fear is generally unwarranted.


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I swear this is a recent development amongst the waterheads with whom we share our state's roadways. If you're on the road at 6AM, I have to assume you left home that morning with a destination in mind, much like I did... let's fucking get there already, and enough with the volunteering for red lights shit, yeah?