TheEmptiestVoid OP t1_ixr7lro wrote

My partner and one of my children both carry epis for their allergies and when I'm thinking from a logical standpoint, I know the drill. I've unfortunately gone through the motions multiple times, especially when we were figuring out all of my daughters allergies. For some reason though, that logic is thrown out the fucking window when I need it for myself.


TheEmptiestVoid OP t1_ixr59ko wrote

Oh I know, but my brain likes jumping through all the hoops. It went through all the stages like:

  • dizzy and short of breath, definitely dying
  • its probably just the panic tbh
  • ok but how do I know if I've never experienced this before?
  • bitch, you'd definitely be dead right now if it was an allergic reaction
  • OK but what if the adrenaline from the panic is acting in the same way epinephrine does?
  • I don't think you can panic yourself out of death
  • yea, you probably can't
  • ok so I'm not dying
  • tries sitting up and gets extremely lightheaded
  • fuck, I really am dying
  • Is this an ativan-level event? Probably not
  • hmm, pretty sure I would be dead
  • so why am lightheaded? Oh ya, my breathing
  • oh, I can breathe fine
  • k, definitely not dying