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Lol which part?

If we're thinking of the person who stays over there: I can't say that they live in the minivan that sits right at the cat colony entrance. I say they stay there because about 90% of the times I've driven by there, I see the van there. It's usually during the day I see them there. They'll be there as early as 6am and as late as 8pm. I don't know if they actually live out of their van.

If you mean the cat colony directly behind the Asian market, I frequent that supermarket and the pho restaurant there; all good.


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I like when I get to take my kids to CHOP for doctors appointments. They have shelves of books for kids to take home and read, free of charge.

I encouraged my 9 year old to get the Sideways Stories from Wayside High. She took one but told me she didn't like the book.


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Reply to Hobby Shops by GumshoeAndy

I know of a hobby shop in Berlin Farmers Market that has old school trains. I believe they sell tracks for them as well. If anything they can point you in the right direction. They have the old Lionel trains, old oil locomotives

It's the hobby shop right next to the pretzel place

Sequoia Coins (spot #304) 856-768-1164


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I don't see where a union is needed. You mention overlords but yet there's union reps and bosses.

I mean if workers rights are in question, wouldn't it be nice if workers were educated on their rights? Those rights aren't upheld by any law that has consequences when those rights are violated?

No one can give a solid answer as to why unions are needed.


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That's just wawa re-labeling their horrible food so that it sounds authentic. Hot hoagie? Let's be real, it sounds as horrible as it is. Hot hoagie is warm soggy lettuce, melted mayonnaise, tomatoes so soft they turn to mush. Don't get me started on a hot tuna salad hoagie


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You can't ask this question without first knowing the origins of the hoagie.

Do you think shipyard builders had a hot ass 'hoggie' for their lunch break? Or did they have a few minutes to toast their cold ass sandwich with a blowtorch from the welding rig?


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It's still winter. The project was done late Fall.

Let's cook with your idea of a trolley on Washington Avenue. Should i fold my shopping cart after shopping at the tile store when I get on the trolley, or do you think the operator will open the back doors so that I can pull my cart on from there? Will your magical trolley be in the center lanes like Girard Avenue? Or will they ride along the sidewalls where trucks load and unload and where people double park?

So in your mind this trolley is installed. Where does it loop around and come back? Or does it go into infinity a place where you can't be bothered; until you need it for where you want to go?


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Metropolitan Flag and Banner

They do the vinyl printing for many of the billboards around the city. If you want larger, Berry and Homer in Chester can do it.

Both places can print on paper up to about 64 inches wide. Larger is gonna jack the price up


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To those who don't want to make 4 lefts, oh fucking well.

Seriously the Philly cell phone lot has to be one of the easiest to get to that not many airports have.

LPT: tell whoever you're picking up to have them call you when they've gotten their bags from baggage claim. Don't try to be some wise ass with timing thinking that if you leave ten minutes after the board says arrived that you'll be picking your passenger up. Just tell whoever is being picked up to call you when they've gotten their bags.