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Yeah, it was weird how much they retconned surrounding Cory and Topanga's history and Topanga suddenly not being the weird hippy anymore. There wasn't even any sort of slow transition. She just dropped the hippyness after season 1.

I did really used to love Corey and Topanga and I still do, but over time, I kind of realised how insufferable the two are, both apart and together. More so Corey though. Like the whole storyline of him having an emotional affair with Lauren, Topanga telling him to go on a date with Lauren and Corey actually LISTENING to her. Like WTF? I never understood why she broke up with him when he ultimately chose her over Lauren, but now I definitely do and she was quite right to.

Yeah, still so pissed at their massacre of Angela- all for the sake of Katy. A character who will never EVER measure up to Angela and again, a character who they had to tear down someone else to prop her up. And then they tried making us believe Shawn loved her more than he ever loved Angela? Pfft. Give me a break!

The reason why Topanga and Angela didn't have a scene together in GMW was because Danielle Fischel and Trina McGee still weren't on speaking terms at the time the episode aired. Danielle only apologised for her past actions recently. It's a shame, but not surprising.


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It would probably be more realistic for Shawn and Angela to have ended up together than Corey and Topanga tbh.

And of course, Angela would have moved on in the years since BMW ended. It was only right that she went with her dad and spend more time with him. But I hate how the reunion was handled. They made Angela into a villain who maliciously broke Shawn's heart and dumped him. When he's the one who encouraged her to go with her dad and had the opportunity to make her stay, but made the selfless decision not to take it. Even Corey treated her very hostily, despite him literally being their biggest cheerleader. And why TF would Angela spring back into an ex boyfriend- who she has not seen or spoken to in over a decade's, life only to ask him "hey, should I have kids with my husband?" Really stupid.


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I've never read them myself, but I have read up on them. From what I've heard, the TV show is quite different from the books, so much so that in some areas, the TV show is better eg. Anthony is a much bigger AH in the books and is borderline abusive to Kate, Benedict in the books is more like Colin in the TV show and Colin in the books is more like Benedict in the TV show, Eloise isn't the outspoken feminist she is in the TV show and she's the one who witnessed their father's death rather than Anthony, etc. If you want to check it out, cool!


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No. The Featheringtons are just the Featheringtons. Yes, Penelope's mother treats her poorly, but she's not a servant in her own home. She is still has immense privilege and even makes her own money from being Lady Whistledown. She is on the marriage market and her mother is not actively trying to keep her away from any eligible bachelors.

Sophie on the other hand, as said above, is the illegitimate daughter of an Earl. Her father marries a woman with two daughters of her own who treat Sophie poorly. After her father dies, they reduce her to a maidservant. She meets Benedict at a masquerade ball. If you read the plot of Sophie and Benedict's story, you'll see the parallels. Continue on with Colin and Penelope's, they're nothing like Cinderella and Prince Charming.


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Benedict's love interest in the books is called Sophie and she's the illegitimate daughter of an Earl who is basically Cinderella for her stepmother and stepsisters. This woman could probably have some sort of connection with Benedict (most likely sexual), but I don't think anything more than that. That is, if she's even going to be associated with Benedict at all.