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The neural network architectures are out in the wild. The weights are trivial to find. Generating your own just requires a ton of training data and some people to annotate. And that's assuming an unsupervised model.

I have a stripped down version of Stable Diffusion running on my home lab. It takes about 25 seconds to generate a single 512x512 image, but this is on commodity hardware with two GPUs from 2016.

If I, a conspicuously handsome DevOps nerd, can do this in a weekend and can deploy it using a single Docker command, what on earth can we do to stop scammers and pissant countries (looking at you, Russia)?

There is no regulating our way out of this. Purpose built AI processors will bring down the cost barrier even more substantially. (Though it is pretty cool to be able to run NN inferences on a processor architecture that was becoming mature when disco was still cool)

Edit: For the curious, the repo with the pre-built Docker files (not mine) is


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Great! Can't wait for people's laptops to start professing their undying love to their users. A'la Bing.

At this point, if you're still using Windows I have run out of sympathy for you.

My 75 year old mother uses Pop_OS like a champ.

I can play AAA games via Proton on my Manjaro box.

It's the command line too scary? Too complicated? How many Windows fixes require going into the registry to change some arcane DWORD value? How much sketchy "driver installer" software will the average person download trying to fix a simple problem?

Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS now have tracking and ads baked into the goddamned OS! Take your privacy back, people! Learn a new operating system. Trust me, nothing ignites as resume like "Linux experience".


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Yeah. No shit. I asked for a recipe and it tasted awful. But it was pretty confident about it.

But it was great at generating 12 paragraphs of background filler about how it happened upon this delightful recipe while rock climbing in a made-up country.

Turns out natural language models are great at generating natural language.


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The only thing that has really been grinding my gears is the lack of love for Android tablets.

You can download Signal for iPad, Linux, etc. and link it as a regular secondary device. But try with an Android tablet and it refuses.

Multiple tickets and even a PR and the dev team seems to be giving less of a shit than ever.

I know there's only a few of us, but I refuse to use iOS devices (or non-rooted Android devices) and feel like a second class citizen.