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You're still wrong because the original post says "first date where all digits are odd", not "first date where any digit is odd". Just because it has a single 3 doesn't mean the rest of the date doesn't contain any even numbers.

If it was the latter... We'd never go more than 2 days without hitting another date containing an odd digit.


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What about people who aren't going to be in their electoral district when voting is done?

They just don't get a vote because they were on a business trip or visiting family?


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The funny part is op, who now has the top comment, must not have actually clicked the link.

Because the link is literally to a peer reviewed scientific paper in the journal of quantitative criminology that does statistical analysis of crime data compared to lighting data.

It's about as far from "gut feeling" as you can get. I think op maybe just read the title and responded with their gut feeling.

Though the title is a hilariously bad representation of the study in and of itself.


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And unlike Ukraine, Israel doesn't really share any borders with reliable allies that could be depended upon to support them.

The only reason they haven't been directly attacked in a while is because it went really poorly for the attackers the last few times, and Israel has since ensured that its military is the biggest, baddest dog on the block - by necessity.