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Dogs were pretty much the only domesticated animal, except for the turkey, which was relegated to Puebloan people. Well, once you get into Mexico they show up, but not so much north of what eventually became the border.

Dogs are pretty much common to all Native American societies though. Use varied. From the Salish Wool Dog, to the dogs used by the Plains tribes which were used to pull loads. In fact, the Plains groups were considered excellent dog breeders. And when horses showed up, they adapted that technology very quickly. Really savvy animal breeders and trainers. Their skill was widely admired.

In fact, I don't think there are any people who don't traditionally have dogs. Maybe a few outliers, but dogs were the first animals we domesticated and we have had them with us for 40,000 years.


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I also saw a whole city council of those "Mass Progressives," go to extraordinary lengths just to prevent a colleague from becoming city council president (an almost entirely ceremonial role,) because he was Dominican. So...yeah. Naw dude, you got some serious problems. Most states do, but MA just shoves their head in the sand over it. Another example - The equity program that was supposed to go forward when weed was legalized. Total fucking failure because somehow the equity program never happened.