TheHamsterSandwich t1_j2cvvaj wrote

Y'know, I've never really understood these posts. If you don't believe that the Singularity is coming in your lifetime, why are you even here? It's like you look at all the evidence and just throw it out the window, saying "Well, it's just not going to happen because I believe it won't!"

It's like saying "I don't believe humans will ever go to the moon, so they won't."

If you're really having trouble understanding why people think the Singularity will occur by 2045, you should try reading "The Singularity Is Near" by Ray Kurzweil. He explicitly says why he believes this is going to happen. I'm not going to type it all out here, so you can just check it out for yourself.

Come back to this comment in 100 years, and laugh about how wrong I was if you really believe what you say.


TheHamsterSandwich t1_j23prbl wrote

Shut the fuck up. You're just using a bunch of words in an attempt to sound smart and begin a cult. Why do people like you even bother posting here?


TheHamsterSandwich t1_iy5m42h wrote

I'm calling it now, nothing will be different in 2030. The difference will be that the date says 2030 instead of 2022. The fact that governments aren't trying to do anything about artificial intelligence right now sort of proves we aren't on the cusp of something revolutionary.

We aren't going to be seeing mass unemployment utopia any time soon. It's at least a few decades away.


TheHamsterSandwich t1_ixetr7k wrote

Neuralink is shit. For all you dumbass nerds who think that you'll be playing full dive virtual reality games through Elon's monkey killer, you're wrong.

If Ray Kurzweil mentions anything about Neuralink in his new book, I will see him as a fucking con-man. My sincerest apologies.