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I'm younger than you, not by much, but don't like putting my age on here. I work in IT and my wife is an ICU nurse. We talk about anatomy all the time (she's a biology nerd). I've known since grade school that blood goes everywhere.

However, she makes fun of me for "blood vein". Every vein has blood and it's an oxymoronic phrase... She proceeds to make fun of me... She also makes fun of me for a lot of other human anatomy things I say wrong. It's all in good fun. Until we visit the doctor and she makes the choice for me to get a shot over get oral medication and then proceeds to laugh at me because it hurts...

Dating or being married to a nurse is not for the weak of heart.


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But we also have better ways of growing food. Vertical farming is a thing. With grow lights and everything. You can seal the grow rooms off from pests and more but no one is talking about that.

Hydroponics is a solution here and can be upscaled for manufacturing.

Also, we don't have a food problem. We have a distribution problem. The world makes 3x over the food the entire world needs. But there are some bad crop yields here and there as well.