TheJadedSF t1_jdxe3or wrote

Teams was frankensteined to become something it wasn't originally intended for - it wasn't meant to be a competitor to Slack, or Zoom, or the new Skype for Business. So I take it that they're finally getting around to re-writing some of the fundamental structure to support what it has become. One can hope, anyway.


TheJadedSF t1_jdesraw wrote

Eh having the web-app shortcut is annoying and have to frequently verify your browser over and over again. A native app would be a much nicer experience, and plus don't they want to sell upgraded accounts? Can't do that so easily without a true app.


TheJadedSF t1_jdajbbo wrote

That site used to be so much better. Now they won’t even link you to the job listing on the employer’s website unless you are logged in with with an Indeed account. So I simply scout there, then go directly to the company’s website if I want to apply to something. What an idiotic strategy. Also filters reset every single flippin time you change something.