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This articulated quite clearly why I’m really pessimistic about this technology. If you have 100 units of wealth for 100 people and say 70 to to the top 10, what if you make 1000 units of wealth for that same number of people, more wealth right? Except here it will be 990/1000 to the top 5/100 people. Not exact terms but illustrating a concept. Not good.


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Well that’s what’s happening. America is in a struggle against BRICS for currency dominance, energy independence, and pole position of leading economy. You’re right it’s actually worse for us all, but the US govt wants to be adversarial with China, as do most on Reddit


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Exactly, there are many phenomenon in pyschics we don't understand but we can still advance engineering and the world without knowing why, hell same in medicine the examples abound. I think this is overemphasized, we could replicate or surpass without knowing why or how exactly we did it.


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Yeah but you could be over learning that past lesson, which happens at times in history.

The difference between this and say anything else in our existence is the machines can program better machines. We are not needed at that point.