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I'd still say that's too far out, if you're in somerville and want to go to allston you'd still be stuck going downtown first. Something like this sounds good to me.


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>Harvey Boshart, a Weston Select Board member whose term expires this year, asked Aiu how much funding the Town of Weston had historically received from those programs.

>“I believe it’s been zero,” answered Aiu.

>Boshart argued that “as it currently stands, we’re not giving up anything" if the town chose not to comply.

>But committee member Sarah Rhatigan noted that even if those penalties might not affect Weston, the town could still be in violation of the state law, and housing advocacy groups might be able to sue the town for compliance anyhow.

>“The penalties are probably funds that Weston doesn’t use… (but) there is some concern that if we really didn’t take any action we could be exposing ourselves up to some kind of liability,” said Rhatigan.

>“Or at least, minimally, embarrassment,” said another unidentified committee member.

Imagine if they end up complying because they're afraid of being embarrassed!

Side note: whatever happened to the whopper? I notice that the opposition site got taken down