TheManRedeemed t1_jecqyga wrote

Okay. Fair.

But in all seriousness, if your hands ain't doing anything while you down tryna eat it like a vulture, then you need to step your game up.

Vulva stroking, splaying her open to focus songly on the click, digital penetration, running your hands up her body to pinch and lightly brush her nipples, grabbing her ass and pulling that thing in so you can eat it with some fervour, and changing up your lick style, and licking focus, instead of just tongue punching her clit like you're just jerking her off w your tongue are just a handful of things I do when I'm giving head. Now I got no idea how intensive it is to suck a dick with style, but I do know that eating pussy and bringing your A-Game isn't a simple thing.


TheManRedeemed t1_j2dl7pv wrote

"Nuh uh, ain't no trees in Botswana, nuh uh, I know, I am a Botswanian lumberjack, and I ain't never had a job..."

Scared Stupid had a heap of funny lines but for some reason that one always killed me.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1i18e1 wrote

Fuck, you got me so confused on that one my missus asked me if was having reflux again from the expression on my face. I felt like I was having a senior moment.

I'll take your advice and give Opiate a shot. Any other great albums I should get? My boy is coming over for the holidays and I'd love to have a good selection to have playing while we sink some beers and shoot the shit.


TheManRedeemed t1_j1hyogy wrote

How, in all that is holy and half the things that aren't, do you think Maynard is trying to "wannabe" like Marley?

You're either trolling so weakly that your lure sunk to the bottom and confused me, or you straight up have zero idea what you're talking about.

Edit: Ooookay guys and gals ( and everything in between <3 ) I get it. It's a Maynard quote. I had no idea as I've only just kinda been introduced to Tool through my son and think they are great. You could see my confusion if had no context though right?

Also, I'm leaving the comment up. I'm 50+ and man enough to wear my mistakes.