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Drink 2 full glasses of water before eating anything. Try getting really into typing, piano, Rubik's cubes or video games. Anything that will keep your hands busy so they're not putting food in your face. If possible, try to full on skip meals. Set an alarm later so you don't wake up in time for breakfast, work through lunch and leave early and then eat. The less you eat, the less you want to eat and vice versa. I'm lazy as hell, when my pants get too tight, I'm too lazy to try and eat smaller portions but full on skipping meals is easier for me personally. Being hungry sucks but try and focus on the positives, saving money food is expensive, less dishes to do later, the less you eat the healthier you'll be. Ditch carbs as much as you can.


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Are you being serious? How do I know package delivery guys don't expect tips? Plenty of services are understood that tip is not necessary, like dental work or plumbing. We've already established that UPS is union salary, google FedEx tipping and see what comes up. Basic tipping is part of grooming service, tattooing, food service and food delivery amongst others.

My source is personal experience, I used to do Uber, door dash and Postmates in my city for side money because I like riding my bike and exploring anyway. I've also ordered from apps so know what the fees are. It's honestly a fun little side gig if you have other income, I don't really get how people can live off of it.


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There's actually a space for it. I was out of town on a job and a guy orders McD delivered and it was a lady and her friend talking with a kid in the back seat. I'm sure it's a godsend for new parents, not too many jobs let you bring your kid. I've done it for side money because where I live, most of it is done by cyclists and I like to bike anyway. Feel a little guilty though because I know others might really need the money more than me. It's really rough though for people that depend on it for their income 100% it is nice to be completely independent and not have to deal with any kind of boss or supervisor.


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Bro, no one is going to leave cash on their doorstep. Those drivers don't expect tips, app drivers do.

That goes to the platform (technology, coders, software engineers, maintenance, profit) almost none to the delivery guy.

Honestly, I'd rather they just add all that to the one fee and they pay their drivers something fair, same with restaurants and servers but until then, if I'm going to opt into the luxury of someone bringing my food, I'm not going to be cheap, selfish prick about it.


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In my large dense city, most of these guys do it on ebikes. I don't see how it's cost effective timewise to do it in rural areas with the travel time and gas expense. In an extreme example sometimes people will order a value meal for 1 or 5 large pizzas for a party. Delivery person still has to go from restaurant to car and car to your door which can sometimes be a hassle (big yard or complicated labyrinthine apartment complex).

I also just wish tipping would not exist but I'm also not going to screw someone over. Frankly, lately I've been trying to just make food at home and pick-up myself more often.

To put things in perspective, how much hassle would it be for you to get ready and go to the food place? How much time will it take you round trip? How much would you spend on gas or transportation cost if you don't have your own vehicle? If the delivery fee + tip is really not worth it, one can pick it up themselves.

You know for a fact if someone wanted to try and start to implement flat rate tipping, the rate would be based on the most expensive possibility.