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Same as Rutland, same as Barre, etc. Know why? Because the County Courthouse is smack downtown. What does that mean? That's where the criminals live because their license is taken away. The legal infrastructure grows downtown and local landlords resist investing in their properties - residential and commercial - because criminals trash them. It's a losing system.


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Some years ago my wife, before she was my wife, and I were dining outdoors at a nice restaurant when she suddenly shrieked and jumped out of her seat while swatting at her skirt. I leaned over to watch a massive cockroach scurrying away. Other than that, N'awlins was a helluva time!


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I'd take an asphalt plant over a paper plant any day. Have any of you ever been to Rumford, ME on a foggy day. Egad, the smell is hideous. And then, of course, there's the cancer thing.

Still though, I don't wish the asphalt plant on those folks.

A question, since I know nothing about asphalt plants. Does it have to be on town water/sewer? If not, why not build it somewhere away from residents?


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Thanks for doing what you do. I'm a veteran who happened to serve in the Navy during Desert Storm. Got some spiffy ribbons and get thanked all the time even though Iraq has no Navy (i.e. I mopped up oil, changed cannon plugs and fraternized with Asian women). Point is, day to day, you guys are the heroes. I realize it, and respect it, every day when my kids come home from school. I'm so sorry that society makes it hard for those whom are really the foundations of our future. It's just fucking shameful.