TheNthMan t1_izdije2 wrote

Even though he pleaded guilty to 15 felonies, Weissberg is still on the Trump payroll collecting $640,000 in salary and expects to get another $500,000 for his annual bonus. The day after he pleaded guilty, his son threw a birthday party for him at Trump Tower.

As part of his testemony, Weissberg testified

>Defense attorney Alan Futerfas later asked Weisselberg, "(Trump) didn't authorize you to commit tax fraud did he?"

>"Of course not," Weisselberg replied.


>"Did you conspire with any member of the Trump family?" Futerfas asked.

>"No," Weisselberg replied.

Trump slamming Weisslberg publicly sounds bad, but it does not sound like Weisslberg, Trump, the Trump family or the Trump organization are turning on each other and they are not stabbing each other in the back.