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Biggest differences are typically found in hanging headphones themselves. Once you get past the bass addiction most people start with, you'll find a whole world of interesting sounds. Thats where problems can start hahaha


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Yea good point. If it's a deliberate design decision then I certainly don't have enough knowledge to debate that. As you said, I'm just basing my assumption on the competition successfully producing high end headphone with easily replaceable pads. It in itself isn't a major problem, its more what it might say about their processes, business model and/or customer care that concerns me.


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I've heard good things about Audeze so I assume they're doing right by some people. However, when I auditioned them, I didn't like their sound (that's just a preference thing). The real kicker to me was the fact that even in some of their high end gear they still have glued pads... That's seriously shows a lack of forethought... Or a distinct anti consumer design. To me that's a big no-no.


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Headphones give an advantage solely because of positioning information that sound can provide. It won't make you hear things earlier, neither will it help you perceive things any better. What I do notice though, I tend to enjoy the soundscape a lot more. Arguably that's a distraction on a competitive game.