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I'm so sorry you are in that situation, and I really wish I owned a property to rent to you and your girlfriend. Have you considered a long term rental through Airbnb to get you out of that place until you find another one? It sounds like the conflict is escalating with your neighbors. I wish you both luck in finding a new place you feel safe in. 🙏


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Dr. Janine Connolly is amazing. I've been seeing her since my pregnancy. She delivered my son and I continue to see her on a regular basis for check-ups. She is warm and she listens to my concerns. I can't recommend her enough.


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My husband's grandfather "came through" her, I guess you could call it. She, in detail, described his home in Alabama down to the sunflower patterns that his grandmother used to decorate the house with, knew his dog's name, and described a picture of him standing in front of the house with the dog that my husband showed to me later. She even told him about the time my husband, as a child, broke his grandmother's favorite table and the grandfather lied and said it was him so my husband wouldn't get in trouble. It was unreal, the things she told him. And he was a skeptic too, like you, and walked away with a new perspective.