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I don’t know. I wonder if with there being so many competing networks and steaming services there just isn’t the concentration of talent that there used to be when all the sitcoms where concentrated within a few network television companies.

I also think a really good show is like catching lightening in a bottle. It’s hard for everything to come together. The success rate for shows was never high and I wonder when it does work how many of those shows now just never get a chance to find an audience before it ends up on the scrap heap because audiences are also very spread out now.


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The Simpsons. Even though it fell off its peak long ago it is a culture defining show and still one of the most quotable off all time.

30 Rock. So consistently funny with a great cast and had the advantage of being a comedy about making comedy.

Seinfeld. All the same reasons as 30 Rock. Helped pave the way for shows like that.

Married with Children. I have so much nostalgia for this show. Was boundary pushing for its time. A personal favourite of mine.


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I can't even imagine how hard it was to finish that season while learning to live with having MS. That had to be incredibly taxing both emotionally and physically. And she was phenomenal as always. Her chemistry with Linda was off the charts and it was no surprise to learn they became good friends in real life.

This show had tons of plot, arguably too much but the best parts were just Jen and Judy talking to each other.