TheRealDrSarcasmo t1_jae6o2h wrote

Yes. That was 28 years ago. It debuted on TV in 1986, which was 37 years ago.

If you were 45 when 'Matlock' went off the air -- which strikes me as on the young side for the target demographic, which largely would have been Andy Griffith fans -- you're 74 today.

Andy Griffith fans who were 65 when the show started are over 100, if they're still alive.

Seriously, how many people in their 20s and 30s were watching 'Matlock' in the mid-90s? I sure as hell wasn't. It was considered an "old person's show" back then.

Thus, my comment about how the original core demographic may not be around anymore.


TheRealDrSarcasmo t1_jae2oxc wrote

If they had decent writers, they wouldn't need to reboot 'Matlock' at all, and instead have Kathy Bates perform as a completely new and compelling character.

More nostalgia bait for... well, I don't know who, exactly. I'd think that the bulk of the original 'Matlock' demographic may no longer be around anymore.