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There are already people receiving very beneficial therapies from secure and implanted brain-computer interfaces. The devices are built to make it impossible to deliver dangerous amounts of current.

The “optimists” in this case just have a better understanding of the current reality than you do.


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>As much as possible, bring just a small backpack or duffel that fits under the seat? Then you can also skip the check-in line and just use your phone for check-in and boarding passes.

What? You can bring a full-size carry-on suitcase AND a backpack (or personal item) without dealing with any check-in lines for checked bags. You don't need to downsize this minimally for carry-on benefits.

And if OP is flying frequently, they are going to get status in a month or two and carry-on access is going to be a non-issue.


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>Pick and airline and be loyal to it, get their cobranded card and put your travel expenses on it, you’ll have status faster than you think.

This is generally not as good as getting a legitimate multi-purpose travel card (e.g. a Chase Sapphire Reserve), since Ultimate Rewards and Membership Rewards points are much more flexible for premium redemptions.

The rest of your advice is spot on though.