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With the absolute clown show that the Giants have had at the coaching position... between McAdoo and Shurmur and Judge (and coordinators like Jason Garrett!?!?) ... given Daboll's success and winning coach of the year and all that, do you really think there is any chance they'd move on from here in the next 1-2 years?


TheRoadDog87 t1_jbbyh7a wrote

I don't like this one bit.

By looking at guaranteed money, Derek Carr essentially got a 2 year/$60M contract (though it's $70M if he's on the roster next March). Geno Smith got a 2 year/$40M contract, though in fairness this could balloon up if he hits the incentives to between $25M and $35M per season.

Daniel Jones essentially got a 2 year, $80M contract. He is not that much better than Geno that he should be doubling his salary. Geno was an MVP candidate for most of the year. He really had the Giants by the balls considering they were forced to work something out with either him or Saquon, and now the team that was already devoid of talent in several places is going to be even more hamstrung. Part of me wishes they just let him walk...