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Well its certainly possible to have a situation where there are no "hot wars" anywhere at any one time. May be possible to have situation where for a while you also don't have colder/more limited conflicts. But its impossible to prevent that there would any wars forever. Wars would ignite sooner or later.

But can we have 100 years of no hot wars between nations? Eventually yes. Can we have 100 years of no cold wars? Not for ages, if ever.


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Well arguably day has already come. Also in what currency? In some currencies million won't buy you a phone. Also we can choose at any time to just cut extra zeroes from our currency's numbers, so million becomes 10 000 for example, without changing the actual value of the money (so not printing more money, but saying that 10 of old money is worth 1 of new money). That way we might never become millionaries regardless of inflation.


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I wish i could just donate more at once. I am tall and heavy enough with good enough hemoglobin that i reckon i could easily donate twice as much. Feels weird that its just same flat amount for smallest and biggest people. I understand it propably does not scale 1:1 with size but still.

EDIT: amount that is donated each time is less than 0.5l in Finland, i believe regardless of size but perhaps there are size limits for smaller people?


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But why can't you do them in such a way that you got 2 surgeons working at the same time, each with 8 hour shifts but which start 4 hours apart. So you got 4 hours working at the same time, but after 4 hours one of them is changed. After another for hours one who has not yet changed is changed. Every time one who has been working longer is the primary surgeon at the moment, other assists.

That way you got 4 hours of time to get in touch with current state of the operation.


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Alligators are cool though. Sure they may rip your arm off if you go too close, but they dont fly around whining all the time in that INFURIATING NOISE and making everyone itchy.

Honestly for me the noise is actually worse than the bite.


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Cost of hosting videos is enormous. Its why Youtube has practical monopoly on the stuff. Just storing that many videos takes huge amount of storage, allowing people to view it in HD resolution across the world for free... its hugely expensive.

Its actually amazing that we have free platform like Youtube at all.