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I would totally buy the MLB package online if they didn't blackout local games. But they do so I stream them on sketchy sites for free, simple as that. You cannot buy access to MASN without buying a cable package from Comcast and that's BS. Mlb needs to get with the times.

I am absolutely not buying a cable package just for MASN. Not going back to cable, that's never happening.

I have a friend that entirely stopped watching the Os when they took games off WJZ on Sundays. They're really screwing over their fan base.


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Yeah, games are just too long these days in my opinion. I was having such a good time with Spider-Man, knocking every little thing off the map and then I finally got to some late game thing where it added like 30 more points of interest to my map and I was just like no fucking way, I turned it off and haven't touched it since.


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I pay $80 a month for 800mb down with no TV and no phone.

I think I had to lock into 2 or 3 years to get that rate.

I don't love Comcast, but their reliability has been great for me personally. That being said, I've got friends that live just a few blocks away who have a very different experience with their service.


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What are your upload speeds like?

I paid Comcast for 800 down but only because that comes with a boost in upload speeds too which I actually need. I've heard some bad stories about 5G internet having really slow uploads and being pretty inconsistent. I host a server our of my house so upload speeds are pretty important to me.

As much as I hate the Comcast Monopoly I actually don't have much of an issue with their service itself at my place (I have some friends that do not feel the same though).


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You don't qualify if you make over 60k.

I'd literally save money every year if I took a small pay cut... My taxes are going to be like $500 a month soon for a less than 1000 sqft house on a busy noisy street. I think they are pulling a lot of comps from the quieter surrounding blocks. Guess I need to try and appeal.


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Vito's in the county is decent nu style pizza (there's 2 or 3 around Owings Mills).

The slices they sell are more ny style than if you order a whole pie fyi. Not sure why, but ordering a slice or two there is better than a whole pizza.

I also recently tried noonas and their pizza was pretty solid as well, and not thick.


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Haha lost City diner was renovated and sat empty for years, it opened in 2011ish for like 12-18 months (a diner that didn't open for brunch on Sunday lol) and has been closed since. It's the woman that owns club chuck (and most of the that stretch of Charles from what I hear). She's nuts and doesn't seem like a very good business owner. But she's old money that's owns a bunch of property and probably does fine collecting rent from the flower shop and shit.


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Had noonas for the first time recently and was very impressed with their pizza.

Skip the wings though, they fucking sucked. They were those huge watery hormone filled wings with no flavor. Also they weren't fried nearly hard enough and we're super rubbery. Pizza was great though.


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Nice, yeah adding extra foam made it sound better, but sort of negates having the gasket mount though since it's all now tight, so if the bounciness is your thing, I wouldn't add any more foam under the board. I personally don't care about stuff VS bouncy, they both feel fine to me so I'm just trying to get the best sound I can.


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Yeah that's why I like this 1800 layout a lot more than the cramped 96% layout.

At least now there is a space separating the arrow keys from the 0 on the numpad.

Def takes some getting used to, the smaller right shift really threw me off for a while too, as someone that came from using a full size board for the last 25-30 years.

You get used to it eventually though. Maybe just stick with a full size of the smaller 0 is a concern though.


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So I ended up opening it up and putting down a super thin layer of neoprene foam and tape modding the back of the PCB. Also stuck a couple small strips of neoprene foam inside the spacebar to deaden that a bit. Way deeper sound.

Looking at maybe getting lubed glorious pandas, But I'm in no rush. Going to just stick with it as is for now and see if I get used to the lubed browns.


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Yeah it's so nice. Ive always had cheaper mechs, and usually felt like I needed to add foam, replace keycaps / switches, and just do mods to make them better. This is just amazing out of the box though.

Like I know myself well enough to know I'm never going to sit down and lube switches myself. I'll do a tape mod or add foam, etc, but no way am I going to ever take the time to spend hours lubing switches.

If I replace the switches on this I'll def be getting some that are pre lubed though, huge difference there.