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Pretty much, yeah. You'll only really see the dual oven plus range in houses that belonged to more upper class folk. You still see them in rich people's modern houses today at a much higher frequency than in working class homes


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He was the "headline" personality at the xgames yesterday. He didn't seem like a terrible dude at all.. But then he started rapping and everything fell apart. It was out of key, out of time, mumblecore unintelligible bullshit. The kind of music you can only hear nowadays in the era of genZ Spotify/YouTube singles culture. People who can spend all their time in their bedroom fucking around on pro tools and make a good single, get a few hundred million listens, and rake in cash from it while spending the rest of their time on Twitch hanging out with fans.

He certainly doesn't seem like more conventional artists who spend their time grinding and performing and improving their skills in order to rise to the top. In a decade I doubt anyone will remember the name Yung Gravy. I could be wrong though.


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Man just go to a fabric store, buy some webbing (that's what the fabric is called), 2 D-rings (that's what the metal is called) and a needle and thread and you could make that for like $10. Hell I could whip that up in five minutes with my sewing machine.