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Watch the Straight Story. I think it may be his best film. So simple. So weird. So beautiful. I like his batshit crazy stuff, too, but the Straight Story just shows how much emotion he can pull out of an audience with so little.

The Elephant Man is top notch, too. Funny and tragic. It feels kind of like watching a play as a movie but in the best way possible.


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Eh, I don't find her performance in Alice, Sweet Alice to be exploitative. The movie is creepy and inappropriate, sure, but that doesn't have anything to do with her performance, it is a creepy and inappropriate slasher movie that is practically an American giallo film.


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Although in Peter Pan canon, fairies don't live that long. I believe that is the reason why they have such intense feelings. So Tink really wouldn't have lived long enough to see his return, even if we all clapped our hands the whole time.


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I was offended that I couldn't turn around without seeing something to do with the damn show, but to be fair I was kind of an edgelord that hated most of the mainstream stuff of the day. Have since watched the show and it is generally funny.


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But a few episodes before the rape Buffy is accidentally made invisible and uses the opportunity for shenanigans. The really heavy parts seem to be a tad out of place for the level of camp that is prevalent through most of the series. I guess that changes when the show jumped to another network and becomes more uneven. Watching the series again now and am almost finished with s6.


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> What does the protagonist brother-in-law do to make enough money to own a castle and golf course?

It was family land passed down for generations. It is a clearly a manor. The staff were sent home after the wedding for the end of the world.

Everyone knows about the "death dance" and he is just a disbeliever that is trying to keep his chronically anxious and depressed wife and sister-in-law from being even worse due by ignoring it/being skeptical. He is obviously a liar, though, and believes it is coming.