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OP: I live in Oklahoma. (The flattest fucking place in North America with very predictable weather. ) Is it safe for me to hike in NH (one of the muddiest, rocky places in N America with variable weather conditions) in May?

My answer: be fucking careful because some people fuck up this equation and die. ( few people a year.)


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There is actually an amazing BBQ place in Lexington! blue Ribbon.

But otherwise, yes you’re gonna need over $200k to live comparably in Lexington area. $115k w/ a $900 mortgage seemingly means you are living somewhat well off in AL. $115k is Lexington means you can’t buy a single house in that town.

Otherwise, MA is an amazing place to live. Compared to AL schools you’ll be giving your kids a gift by having them attend MA schools compared to AL.

Also, Lexington voter 70% in favor of Biden. Not that Biden is anything great, but it is great that there is very little to no MAGA. That is reason alone to get out of AL.