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How big is the company?

If they have an HR team of any size, then there is a range.

There is always a range though. It may just be 0 to a billion..

More importantly for you though is don't ask them what the rate is, know it. Go look for yourself and do research. Know the value of the role you are applying for and the value of your skills. It gives you the confidence to negotiate for a fair wage.


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My dad, now 76, was about 38 when he started having severe pains wracking his body. After more than a year of visiting doctors to look for an explanation he finally visited Mayo clinic and saw specialists. They did many tests and were able to discern he had an incredibly rare (as in less than 20 studied cases in the world at the time, rare) disorder with comorbidities that complicated his issues even further.

He's not had a great life physically, sadly. He tried, but his body has failed in so many ways it's hard to describe. But, he was able to receive treatment and have a life. Physically, he is miserable but he is still here and he can do a few things so he keeps plugging away.

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and disease at such an early age. Do everything you can to fight it! And this application you are promoting could help change lives. Keep at it!