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Yeah what a ridiculous statement lmao.

Pretty much all throughout movie history, movies have been made for Men by Men. Even now, most movies are still made that way


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Well to get better the best thing to do is practice, watch movies, read analysis and over time you will be able to develop those skills on your own. There are a lot of common themes and common symbols that are used which can help.

Although I seriously question the why you would want to start writing video essays when you said yourself you are not good at analyzing film and even less good at articulating your analysis. Which are the two most important parts of a video essay


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Just piling on but I essentially do the same thing on my letterboxd and I love it. I watch a movie then I can go in, give it a rating out of 5 stars and write a little review about what I liked and disliked. It’s a lot of fun too to be able to go back and sort and see what movies I liked or didn’t like and why.

I also generally trust the letterboxd opinion on movies more than any other site (like rotten tomatoes, IMDB , etc) I find those ratings tend to fall in line more with my tastes more often than not


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I’ve also seen plenty of people talking about it online maybe not as much as stuff like EEAO but still a decent amount after the movie came out.

Also every person who I’ve had a conversation about movies with recently has asked me if I have seen Avatar.

Reddit just doesn’t like Avatar


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Yeah it feels so triumphant in the moment and then the movie ends >!and you realize have seen Neimann completely devoured by his determination, back into the cycle of abuse and devoid of all the things which kept him human!<

>!Even in an interview Chazelle said that he envisions that Fletcher has now been validated in his beliefs and will always think he was right to do what he did and that Andrew likely died in his early 30s of a drug overdose!<