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It took a full street sweeping season before they would allow PPA to ticket cars. We are about to start the 2nd season after the expansion to 14 areas and they have announced it will be another season and a half away before the next expansion in July 2024. At that point, they will add 6 more areas.

Based on average size of the areas, in July 2024, five years after they started the "pilot programs", the city will cover about 8% of the city surface area with street sweeping zones, and that does not include the smaller streets. For example, in the Point Breeze Map area, the city is missing tons of smaller side streets that are wide enough for a sweeper, but requires cars to be moved to do so (e.g. Fernon, Chadwick, Mole, Hicks, etc). Additionally, there are streets that a sweeper can get down even if someone is still parked there, like Montrose or Oakford, but are not getting swept currently.

There is ZERO reason it should take this long to roll out street sweeping to such a small area, without even a public timeline on a full rollout.

Source 1 (Timeline), Source 2 (Point Breeze Map - PDF)


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I don't think they should have ever put in the ticket requirement for tow companies, but instead start charging them with crimes if caught faking a reason to tow a car (e.g. moving it to a towable spot, the tow truck driver who hid the sign at Broad & Ellsworth construction to tow a car that was then parked there, etc).

Charge a tow truck driver who does a purposely bad tow with grand theft auto and the tow company with extortion (forcing someone to pay if they want their illegally towed car back), and you'll see bad tows evaporate.


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There is a lot more in there including better reviews of injured officers, removing officers from civilian roles, working with DA to increase prosecution of illegal gun cases, community-first policing, etc.

You're clearly just trolling. Done talking with you unless you can make a case for why another candidate is better than Rhynhart.


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She has done more as City Controller than any person I've seen as long as I've lived in Philly - auditing both the PPA and PPD, among other things. She's not just compiling data, but also doing a detailed analysis as well and making recommendations as to how to fix issues. Plenty of recommendations on her reports, but a controller can only make recommendations, It's up to Council and the Mayor to go enforce them.

She knows where the issues are, and Philly needs someone to go and fix a lot of the bullshit that's come out from political stagnation the past decade. The mayor's office seems to be running on autopilot due to a leader who checked out a couple years ago and everyone in Council seems way too busy handing out honorariums (seriously, a large majority of what they do during their main Thursday meetings are honorariums) to actually do anything meaningful.

I don't believe she's perfect, but I haven't seen any other candidate running for mayor who I would consider as much as her. Every councilperson seems to have been twiddling their thumbs the last few years and suddenly want to save and make changes, and my biggest worry with Jeff Brown is that he will burn as much political capital trying to kill the soda tax as Kenny did trying to implement it. (And a big reason why I think so little has been done the last few years).

If you have another candidate I should be looking at, let me know. Otherwise, I'm ready to vote for Rhynhart


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Controller writes the audits, Mayor/council are the ones who theoretically enforce them. Her running for mayor means she can put them into action.

Important question: Since you are slamming her so much, it sounds like you have a favored candidate who has made a major impact in Philly's government. Which candidate do you support?


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Usually community service is fairly lenient in where it is done, usually as long as you have a letter from a Philly nonprofit (or one outside the city stating the CS was done in the city) City how many hours you worked for community service, you're good to go.

I think it's a great alternative to jail for non-violent crimes and is usually a win-win because oftentimes the person performing it chooses something they at least don't hate and there's a decent chance that they will voluntarily get involved in more of it in the future.


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The dam one - the Shawmont station --> trail connection stinks, but at least the blocks there have a purpose (stopping cars from getting on the trail). I have no idea what purpose the dam one serves.


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Heck, automated enforcement of certain parking infractions (e.g. parked in a bus lane/bus zone) can be done fairly easily with cameras on buses and would likely be a program that would fund itself and the city refuses to even do something like that.


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That has absolutely nothing to do with the 8 items above. Yes, the police need to do a better job enforcing fake plates, but has ZERO to do with the above items.

Again, you said the items exempt from being the primary reason someone is pulled over "are all things that criminals and terrible people use to get away with illegal shit" so I would love to see examples, such as how minor bumper damage is being used to get away with illegal shit. Stop moving the goalposts.


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We need to stop the bullshit of being accused of being partisan, it's something done to make sure that this type of thing doesn't see the light of day and it's going to be made no matter what. The investigative reporters need to just fucking investigate and see what comes out of it.


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Which of the things in the Driving Equality Bill have to do with this?

  • Late registration (with a sixty day grace period)
  • Relocation of temporary registration (must be visible)
  • Relocation of license plate (must be visible)
  • Missing a single brake light
  • Items hanging from the rear view mirror
  • Minor Bumper issues
  • Driving with an expired inspection sticker
  • Driving with an expired emission sticker

Plates can be moved but still must be visible. Nothing in here says having a forged plate is not allowed. PPD don't even track fake plates.

You seem desperate to blame this on anyone but the PPD when this is clearly something they refuse to enforce. Yes, the state legislature should bump up the penalty for a fake plate, but as long as the PPD refuses to do anything about it and won't even make the minimum investment of license plate scanners for parked cars, tracking these fake plates, or pulling over people with tinted covers, it doesn't matter if they raise it to a felony with a life prison sentence, the PPD is simply too lazy/incompetent to enforce it.


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This will help get it through though - it's one thing for a governor to say "I'd sign a legalization bill", it's another for them to say "The house has passed a bill, I want to sign it, but the one thing stopping it is the Senate Republicans refusing to bring it to a vote."

Hopefully there is enough pressure to get it brought up in the Senate.


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I used to support it but the more I've thought about it over the years, it is really stupid. In addition to the reasons others here listed, it reduces the chance of stronger Philadelphia influence at the state & federal level. We might have had a Nutter governorship had he been able to run in 2014 without resigning, as an example.