TheTyrantKingGeorge t1_j1mlmid wrote

Teacher has no fucking clue what kind of psychological damage she just caused this child. Poor kiddo. She's a human being, but is treated as less than a human being. If this "educator" did this in front of family, I can imagine that she treats the kid as a burden in the classroom.

All you had to do was pull her and hold her hand. Guide them, believe in them. But no, she did the opposite. Literally left the kid on the outside looking in. Those are her peers.

This woman is vile, and should not be trusted around children. Lisbon, get her out of your education system. If I am that child's parent/guardian, my anxiety would be peaked at the thought of dropping her off at school to be treated like this on a daily basis.

Watching this really brought my piss to a boil. The cruelty that humans are capable of is utterly staggering. Just want to give kiddo a hug and tell her I believe in her.