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As long as they don’t use any Nintendo trademarks, it’s very similar to the Bleem! case, and, even if they do, there’s precedent for that, but they’ll need to retain a few level 99 lawyer demons. But, in the case of Bleem!, the court found it was totally legal, because the people who made the emulator never saw the original code, as was the case in the Tengen trial.


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Film stock in 1918 wasn’t the most high-quality stuff, compared to the hyperfine grain stuff you get today, and shot selection at the time was still very limited, in that … it wasn’t exactly “Set the camera for a shot and let it roll for a couple of minutes,” like it was a decade and a half before, but we’re still three decades from the first movie that looks and is edited like a modern movie (that’s why Citizen Kane is so important), so most of the movie is done in medium shots, with close-ups used only sparingly.

As a result, you have to use a lot of makeup to make sure an actor’s facial feature don’t disappear into a blur on the film. It’s very similar to why stage actors wear similar makeup, because the person in the nosebleed seats doesn’t need to be able to see what color your eyes are, but he has to be able to see you have eyes.


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Painting technology has changed substantially in just the past forty years, let alone the past eighty. The thickness of your car’s entire paint job is thinner than a single coat of paint from the 1970s.


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Kurt found Pat in the SST Superstore. It's not like they ran into each other while they were shopping; Pat was working the counter. Because that's what you did when you were between gigs. Sometimes it'd be a few weeks, sometimes it'd be a few years, but you still got to be around music and you still got to network with people.


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"Your honor, my client pleads not guilty by reason of idiocy. It is our belief that any jury would be convinced that no rational person would have entrusted a moron like my client with their money –or pretend digital money, as it were– and so I currently move for summary judgment, with prejudice, vis a vis ex post facto ad nauseum mens rea. I'm not sure if any of those apply, because I'm as good a lawyer as my client is a CEO. He found me on Facebook, where I go by Hindu Kush 420 Esquire, and must have just thought I was a lawyer."


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The Pooh based horror movie is also likely based on the printed version of the story, so their lawyers probably have a list of what’s Disney original and what’s Milne original, so they don’t include anything that Disney invented. But the book is fair game, having dropped into public domain not terribly long ago, so there’s no one to sue them, regardless, unless they slap a red shirt on him.


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Guinness also has records for things like Most Snails on a Face, so I'm pretty sure they'll give a qualifying award to pretty much anybody who pays their fee.

"Well, you're not the tallest above sea level, and you're not the tallest from base to pinnacle... unless... yes, we'll just count everything all the way to the bottom of the ocean! You are now the tallest. Congratulations. That will be four thousand dollars please."