TheWingus t1_j9msbnb wrote

Man I went to a midnight live show of Rocky Horror drunk and partying. I ended up with a lipstick V on my forehead and making out with a guy before the show even started! They pulled the plug right before the big final numbers and the live-cast just finished the movie acapella and acascreena. Top 10 movies I’ve ever been to and I’d already seen the movie a dozen times before that night


TheWingus t1_j2uuxnr wrote

Oh my god that interview where he explained his business plan as;

“people will see all this money in the box, and more some will want to put money in the box”

So how is that not a scam?

“Maybe YOU see it as a scam…”


Or something like that. The dude straight called him out saying, you’re providing nothing to your investors. The growth of your investors investments is predicated on more investors investing more!! And him just saying I disagree was incredible. I made some wrong financial moves in my life, but never something like that