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That said, the incidence rate for both infection and vaccine is extremely variable depending on age and gender (as this study clearly points out). This study was specifically looking at the age group that other studies showed the highest incidence levels from vaccines and some of the lowest rates from infections.


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Edit: unlabeled chart presented above may not be out of 100k like the other charts in the study. So the below is likely wrong. I say likely since they did not break out the totals by dose intervals other than stating that shorter intervals resulted in higher rates.

The interesting part is that despite the hospitalization rate from vaccine myocarditis being unbelievably rare is still more than double the rate of hospitalization from infection for the same age cohort.


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Not sure how you can disagree, the terms themselves have to be subjective since they are, by definition, relative. Things that your average boomer would consider left would likely be considered right by your average gen Z. Same with a European vs. an American.

With regards to post Covid data, it will be a while before we get reliable information since in Left leaning circles people aren’t allowed to express reservations about vaccine openly like in right leaning circles and masks.

I not saying there isn’t more conservative centric info on Fb, it’s mostly a boomer platform after all, I just have concerns with their methodology given I did this work professionally and given what was presented in the article I think what they have done has the potential to be flawed.

I know there is also a tendency to put all Covid misinformed into the right/Republican bucket whatever the source. In 2020 a lot of the Covid misinformation was coming from sources that we suspected were PRC and then they spread across all political spectrums. It wasn’t until post 2020 election that it really polarized that questioning the status quo on Covid was considered right wing. Remember the democratic presidential debates when the candidates called the safety of the Covid vaccine into question?

Then in 2021 I remember neighbors in SF acting like I was crazy for discussing the danish, German, and Israel data that suggested 6-8 week between vaccine doses was safer for young men.


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I thank you missed my point that left and right and subjective and arbitrary. That said; per the NIH, before Covid around 22% on both groups believed “Vaccinations can have serious side effects that cause more harm than some of the diseases that they are supposed to prevent.”

I’m also not presenting some sort of politically charged analysis, only saying that they need to present more detail about their methodology since they are using highly subjective topics that I have have experience with.


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Boogaloo also provided armed security for BLM protests. They are a quasi anarchist, anti establishment movement that is not a coherent organization. They don’t fit neatly into a bubble but the like guns so they get called right wing.


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I used to run the Data Science team at meta that measured bad content on the site and I am skeptical of this study for several reasons:

-left vs right is a highly subjective measure and many misinformation topics hit both sides of the spectrum . Anti-vaccine for example is both hippies and right wing. the fact that journalists called Boogaloo and “right wing” organization illustrates

-if they really used journalists as the debunker source this is going to mean more “right” content will be debunked since there is a bit of a bias there right now.

-all misinformation is not created equal. the last time I sample tested Meta’s political misinformation image violators before the 2020 election it was more than 2/3rds memes saying to remind your democrat friends to vote on the wrong day.

-their measurement and sample methodology would be very important since it’s views that matter and not the number of images. Most images on FB receive zero views beyond the poster so they really don’t matter.