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This is scary and heartbreaking for pets and pet care-givers!!!! My pup was severely harmed from a neighbor's professional lawn care toxic products. They were literally sprayed onto our lawn, about 5 feet through our fence!! It took me moving before I figured it out.

I began wiping her feet, legs, and body with a natural cleaner after every outside time or walk. It helped but not completely. She had severe skin issues. Raw, bleeding, but not from chewing!!! Toxic chemicals.

After the move she healed!!! But the fur right at her tail and body never grew back. 😪 The rest healed up well.

All the best to you. That sounds really difficult. Poor pups.


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Those with wealth, power and position attempting to solidify their own segregated community....

by secretly and legally shutting down limited housing options needed for people's very survival, but only for those with already fewer options and those who are struggling financially.

Good she saw it and addressed it. Don't pass that bs.

Discrimination is still here in 2023. SMH


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Why no mention of his bac? That's important information the public has a right to know... especially in this situation with him intoxicated while "working."

Bet it wasn't the first time.

Please make an example of him.

Please get quality, professional help and GET SOBER!

In a different online article:

"A legal blood draw was taken around 5:30 p.m., which showed Burney had a blood alcohol concentration of .086, which is above the legal limit, according to the affidavit."