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These compounds are so small I imagine you could fill a pill with it to avoid the overwhelming sweet taste to get up to the recommended doses if it worked.

That is pretty cool, overactive immune systems can be debilitating, and these sugar substitutes are so common, and the costs are going down with use in drinks, it probably would be a pretty inexpensive intervention too.

I read through and the implication that a low-cost intervention like this would have literally ANY impact on diabetes is amazing.


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"Yes... He's coming for you Zenith." Says the famous "Prime", leader of The Order.


"I know you only know him as a trickster, famously named for a shortened version of Loki, the trickster god of myth... But he is so much more than that." Prime is visibly shaking now. Prime is "the strongest hero on Earth", I was placed in charge of The Coalition, a young league of new heroes, as I am theorized to be stronger than him. We can't test it without destroying a city.

"This is because we killed his kid? It was an accident, Morgan can separate molecules into component parts, and unintentionally caused an explosion when some phosphorus got exposed to air. It was all in the report, even the news is talking about it, it was a tragedy, 200 people died that day. Traveler and I moved as fast as we could, and we still lost that many people. His kid wasn't even in costume, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"The circumstances doesn't matter, he is going to come for you, you need to get off-world as quickly as you can." Prime is starting to get angry, I can sense it, but I can also feel that he's terrified, I'm finding the mix confusing.

"Why would I run? It's Key for gods sake, he's just a guy who makes our lives annoying, even if he blamed us for the accident, what's he going to do?"

Prime swallowed, odd since he also doesn't need to "Key is the most powerful person I have ever seen, I have only ever seen a taste of it but I won't be able to stop him... You need to jump into space and pray he can't follow you. I will come find you once I am sure the threat is over."

"You are going to kill him? If YOU can, I can, let's just do it together and end this... The team had twelve members there, children of several high ranking members, let's do them a favor and end this if he's so powerful." I'm starting to get angry, I don't like seeing him like this, and he is underestimating his ward.

"I am not going to kill him... We just need to wait and hope, I think..." Prime let out a long sigh, contemplating his next words. We both think and move a lot faster than everyone around us, I swear he's been thinking for actual seconds finding the words.

"I caught him..." Prime started softly "... It was nearly twenty years ago. He had decided, after pranking Golden King, to go for a long walk... He loves doing that." Prime laughed gently, before steeling himself. "... I was starting to suspect that Key was a lot more powerful than everyone realized, and I theorized that he was getting stronger everyday. He was headed into the desert North of Las Vegas, he would be away from most civilians. I got Rush and Time Keeper to help me move civilians to keep the way clear... And I hit him... Lake T'Lana was formed from the punch, named after a hermit that was hiding in a homemade bunker we didn't see. I hit him harder than I've ever hit anyone, harder than the punch that destroyed that rogue planet from a few years ago."

"You... YOU actually hit Key? Full out hit him? You're expecting me to believe he survived that?"

"He didn't survive it, I suppose." Prime was sweating now. "He did die, I think, then again, so did I. I woke up in the hospital a few days later... He was standing over me, and told me "Nice hit, but you killed a young man named T'Lana. He didn't deserve that. Name the hole you made after him, fill it with water and keep it full. If that Lake dries up, I will kill you.""

"... That is wild, he survived that much of a hit and recovered faster than you, no wonder you are worried... But you have me to help you, we can do this!"

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Prime screamed at me, I've never seen him lose his cool like this.

"I saw him." He mumbles.

"Saw him?"

"Key... I saw him while I was dead."


"I am pretty sure Key is actually a God." Prime says with tears in his eyes. "I need to fill the lake, and you need to run."

"I always wondered if you remembered." It was time for him to see.

"Oh God." Prime's fear... I can taste it.


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A lot of misinformation circulating early on a post in r/science, you'd think those following this would be a little better at resisting the urge to spread conspiracy theories.

To be clear, this study was intended to see if it was likely Sars-CoV-2 could spread back to bats, even with all of the variants we tried unsuccessfully to avoid. Although they used computer models (to prevent infecting bats, the dangerous alternative) and found it likely can still spread between them.

This would also imply that, like many seasonal illnesses, there is a potential pool of animals to keep the virus circulating if enough humans catch and spread it... An almost guarantee now that the human race has decided to make it a seasonal illness.