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More or less.

It's 85% UK or US and 15% other.

I think i read that the introduction in the book mentions this aswell; that it's western
music mainly. I'm fine with that, whenever i get a non western album it's a nice little rabbit hole though and i usually find other artist to listen to through that way.


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I know what you mean, but don't see it as a huge problem.

At first i asked myself "how is this one of the best 1001 albums ever" quite often, but now i've kinda accepted the fact that it's all very subjective, and the author(s) arent saying it's the best albums. Just albums they think i should listen to. And most of them do have some interesting background when i read up on them.

My US rating is higher than my UK though, if i look at my history (but i've had way more US albums than UK, so i guess if anything i would like more non US/UK stuff).


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Yea, and it will also give you some stats based on your ratings. Such as your favorite genre, favorite decade, etc.

It's also pretty funny to read other users reviews for the albums.


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Subreddit here: /r/1001AlbumsGenerator

I know this has been shared in here before, but i've now reached 800 albums out of the 1001 albums in the list so i thought i'd make a short post about it.

It's a great little site that will help you to listen to one album each day, all taken from this book. Buy it and read up on the albums if you wish, or do like me and just read the Wikipedia entrance for each album generated to you.

Knowing the history behind the album and why it was added to the book really helps to appreciate stuff you might have not liked otherwise.

I went into this challenge a few years ago as i was mainly listening to the same old stuff on repeat. It has broaden my musical taste in a great way and i've learnt a lot about some great musicians and how certain (sub)genres were born out of other genres.

Here's a few highlights i've discovered that i had previously only heard about (or a few selected songs), but not listened to from beginning to end.

Nina Simeone - Wild Is The Wind

Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman

Duran Duran - Rio

Tom Waits - Rain Dog

Dolly Parton - Coat Of Many Colors

Wire - Pink Flag

Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters