The_IT_Dude_ t1_j8vo6tv wrote

Hold up, the teen part on those sites means 18 or 19 and is super common and doesn't really mean much of anything. Search for that all the time, and it's probably a suggested search. Nothing really out the ordinary there.

The other part is a little less usually but probably a lot more common than what you'd think. Might just be an experimental and fantasy kind of thing and by no means does it in any way indicate he isn't attracted to you. He might just like some variety. It was just a search.

Sit down and talk to him about it if it bothers you. The other piece of this thought is that you did go snooping, so you'll also have to address that.

Again, I would not be freaked out about it.

As for the spending money thing that could be sticky depending on what you've already all agreed on as far as that goes. If it's only some of his own personal spending money, then oh well. If it's like a whole hell of a lot, then that's it's own thing and he may have an addiction and that's not cool if it's eating into other needed things and that would also be a talk.

It's not like this has to be over unless you really just think it needs to be.