The_Meemeli t1_jeeaho4 wrote

>I’m genuinely confused on why people like these kinds of movies, when there’s more upbeat inspiring movie flicks.

Being upbeat and inspiring does not inherently make a movie better, for me.

I experience stories in order to have memorable emotional experiences. These can also be from "negative" emotions (tensions, sadness, fear, being disturbed). I can look back on those experiences with nostalgia.

>most people just need a positive perspective to tell them that life isn’t that bad and we should help people realize that no matter your circumstances you can always rise up.

I'm sure plenty of people have watched Taxi Driver and thought to themselves something along the lines of "well, at least I'm doing a lot better than this guy" and/or "damn, we really need to help people like these", instead of "life sucks"


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>Ad Astra, okay this movie was kind of hot garbage but the directors cut has many additional scenes where it more thoroughly explains his mindset as he reflects on events/relationships he is trying to overcome and mentally grow as an individual.

Where's the director's cut available? I looked it up and only found articles about how the director wasn't happy with the theatrical cut.


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Network executives screwed over series creators Frost and Lynch for most of the second season.

It's worth getting through, though. The end of the season is quite good, with Lynch properly taking the reins again, the movie "Fire Walk With Me" is dark but very good, and the third season "The Return"/"A Limited Event Series" is a total mindfuck.