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I did that before, but I stopped, because I always go into excruciating detail and it takes a huge chunk out of my time. Just can't do the "two words summary" thing to save my life.

Plus, the idea of being able to watch a dream in a movie format is pretty amazing.


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I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day. Just the fact that it's possible to do speaks volume. As for seeking press coverage, it's understandable: could be them trying to secure more funding by getting more publicity, could be them being genuinely passionate about their tech, could be both. The time will tell.

Still, it's an interesting application for the image gen technology, it's never even crossed my mind to my surprise.


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Well, I can be very persuasive when I need to. Plus, you shouldn't assume that it's thought process would operate within the same boundaries the average human mind has. I bet most of the times, as long as it's something non-detrimental and can be done with a flick of a metaphorical wrist, it'll go full "I gotchu, homie" mode.

But, well, if a regular AI will be able to do the fun stuff to the same capacity a hypothetical AGI can, then I wouldn't mind to settle for either, really.


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I cannot even argue with those words, because it's an absolute truth. This technology can be used even by complete amateurs like me. Which I constantly do, by the way. As a consumer, I am very excited, because even if AI image generation is not fully refined, with a sheer force of will, perseverance and a bit of luck - you can pretty much achieve your desirable result. No, really, I actually am excited, I can't stress this enough: haven't felt like this since I've been a child.

Still, I do feel bad for the artists, somewhat. After all, because of this technology, unless they adapt somehow, they'll fall into obscurity and become nothing more than a stepping stone in its development and refinement. However, if I were to choose between my own tool that I can use however I like or borrowing a cruder version of it along with the skills of its owner, with produced results that, at the same time, might wildly deviate from my expectations - I'll go with the former, no doubt.